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Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality is an intimate troupe of three gifted musicians whose roots trace back to opposite corners of the globe, only to converge in New York for an instrumental collaboration that fuses east, west, north and south. 


Pianist Roy Assaf and drummer Ronen Itzik, both originally from Israel, team up with Peruvian bassist Jorge Roeder and forge an augmented reality, indeed: one characterized by jazzy improvisations and syncopations that layer in melodies of world appeal.

This piano trio embodies Middle Eastern, Latin and European influences, blending them harmoniously in subtly provocative but accessible instrumentation that introduces a fresh dimension to jazz.


Through multicultural interpretations, Assaf, Itzik and Roeder elevate simple themes that anyone could sing along to. They embolden these themes with the spontaneity and dynamism of improvisation, and with a contrast between percussion and melody that creates a remarkable time elasticity in a tune’s progression. The result is an unforgettable journey for pedestrian listeners and jazz aficionados alike.

Roy Assaf - piano

Jorge Roeder - bass

Ronen Itzik - drums



Morning Bound


The adventurous trio Morning Bound is a collaboration between vocalist Tammy Scheffer, vocalist/bassist Panagiotis Andreou and drummer Ronen Itzik. The three musicians have been an integral part of NYC’s jazz, world, and progressive-music scene and toured with their respective projects for the last decade. Scheffer has been working with producer Eyal Amir (project RnL) and keyboardist Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), as well as a leader of several jazz and folk projects. Panagiotis made a name for himself as part of internationally touring groups Now Vs. Now and NY Gypsy Allstars, and Ronen has been an in-demand drummer for some of NYC’s most forward-thinking jazz groups.

In 2012 these performers got together for a casual gig in Long Island City and played as a trio for the first time, and the explosive energy that followed ensured many follow-ups to that first musical meeting. Since then the group has played in several venues and festivals nationally and internationally including The Chicago Israeli Jazz Festival, Zante Jazz Festival in Greece, Paros Jazz Festival in Greece Rockwood Music Hall, Prog Rock Festivals in both New Jersey and NYC and also Beit Hayotzer in Israel. The group creates a sound that is heavily rooted in grooves and complex rhythms while making an unconventional use of vocal effects and various percussion instruments, which is topped by unpredictable playfulness. The trio lives somewhere in the realm between pop, rock, jazz, and Mediterranean soul. They have an EP out and their videos and shows received multiple reviews.

Tammy Scheffer- voice, effects
Panagiotis Andreou- bass, voice
Ronen Itzik- drums, pots & pans


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Tammy Scheffer Sextet


"Wake Up, Fall Asleep" is Tammy Scheffer's debut recording for Inner Circle Music, an innovative label led by renowned Saxophonist Greg Osby. A forward thinking vocalist and composer, Ms. Scheffer makes an imaginative use of her sextet to create new textures and a personal, fresh sound. She puts her own spin on the well known "When You Wish Upon A Star", and fully expresses a wide musical world in her original wordless compositions. In the words of Osby, who attended the recording session: "The music was vibrant, personal and exceptional. It was an amazing session." 


Tammy Scheffer- voice, compositions
Andrew Urbina- alto
Steve Pardo- tenor
Chris Ziemba- piano
Brad Barrett- bass
Ronen Itzik- drums

Current performing band:

Tammy Scheffer - vocals

John O'Gallagher - alto sax

Dan Pratt - tenor saxophone

Chris Ziemba - piano

Dan Foose - bass

Ronen Itzik - drums




Vadim Neselovskyi's

Agricultural Dreams Trio


Vadim Neselovskyi's agricultural dreams trio have been working together for a few years now. Their special intimate and sensitive playing was obtained through intense and fruitful rehearsal phase in which they learned and internalized Vadim's challenging and beautiful compositions and arrangements. .


The first significant concert of the group took place in Alfa Jazz Festival in Lviv, Ukraine where the trio had to perform right after a Ukrainian military plane was shot down. They had to change their program drastically and right on the spot come up with music that would fit this situation. This experience was one of the deepest experiences they had ever gone through, and it solidified the trio's special connection.


A year later, after a number of successful concerts in the US, including a concert with Gary Burton as a featured guest, the trio went to the studio to record their debut album 'Get Up and Go'. The music in the album is about life's joyful and sad moments, about moving forward and reflecting, about winning and loosing. It's about failing and having the strength to get up and go. Portuguese singer Sara Serpa, who have collaboratet with artists such as Danilo Perez, Ran Blake and Greg Osby,  is the special guest on the new recording. 'Get Up and Go' will be released on the French Label Jazz Family in the Spring of 2017. 


Vadim Neselovskyi - piano

Dan Loomis - bass

Ronen Itzik - drums

Featuring: Sara Serpa



Josh Deutsch's Pannonia 

Josh Deutsch’s Pannonia performs “traditional folk music from an imaginary place.”  Formed in 2011, the quintet features Deutsch’s trumpet and compositions along with violinist Zach Brock and trombonist Ryan Keberle, atop the foundation of Gary Wang’s bass and a collection of percussion instruments from around the world played by Ronen Itzik.  The band’s 2014 recording Another Time, Anther Place (Alternate Side Records) was chosen as an Editor’s Pick by DownBeat Magazine, which calls it a “well-planned, beautifully executed program” with “odd meters, unusual instrumentation, deep compositions, (and) a clearly drawn fantasy world.” Deutsch has recently joined with author Chris Tarry to create "The Road to Pannonia", a series of narrated pieces which bring the mythology of Pannonia to life.

Josh Deutsch - trumpet

Zach Brock - violin

Ryan Keber;e - trombone

Gary Wang - bass

Ronen Itzik - percussion

featuring Nikolett Pankovits - vocals





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